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Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino

The Province is a local Public body, organized according to the provisions of law n.267/2000. The skills related to project back into "Management and protection of inland waters" Office that intervenes of 15 years old on these activities:

  1. Annual management and regulation of inland fisheries;
  2. Implementation of the program concerning the management, recovery, protection and monitoring of environment and to protected fish;
  3. Coordination of supervision fishing volunteer activity, management fish restocking, production of juvenile different size fish;
  4. Coordination of monitoring and research projects related to genetics and biology of fish species present in provincial rivers to the provisions of law the “Nature Directives”;
  5. Development and management of training courses related to the granting of fishing licenses;
  6. Management of the Cantiano hatchery and fish farm to support populations of salmonids.

Special interest was the adoption in 2009 of the "Charter of the provincial fish running waters" (Fishing Map) which, with a positive opinion on the impact assessment to art. 5, paragraph 7 of DPR n.357/97 released by the Marche Region, is now an instrument of planning and scientific management to safeguard the aquatic environment and fish populations included in the Habitats Directive. The staff are in the "Management and protection of inland waters" office are professionals specialized in environmental design and community management that will provide a technical and administrative support to the project.

Viale Gramsci, 4
61121 Pesaro
Tel.: +39 0721 3592738

Dott. Montoni Fabrizio
Tel. 0721 3592396
Fax 0721 3592718



Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini

Monti Sibillini National Park was founded in 1993, with the scope to guarantee the conservation and valorization of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the territory, while promoting the sustainable development of the populations that live in the park.

Its specific objectives are:

  • the protection and valorization of the natural heritage as well as the territorial and environmental integrity;
  • the conservation of areas subject to degradation and systems of naturalistic value;
  • the conservation and valorization of the historic, cultural and artistic heritage;
  • the implementation of a sustainable development mode by favouring and reorganizing the traditional economic activities, especially farming livestock raising activities, traditional forestry and handicrafts. Also, it aims at promoting additional economic activities such as tourism in a compatible way with the other aims of the park - the promotion of research and public education activities.

The National Park has promoted actions focused on the management and environment conservation of species and habitats with particular attention at the species in the Habitat and Birds Directives. Some of these activities where directed on the management of fresh water animal species trough the realization of an Action Water Plan for the water bodies of the Park as well as the census program and related Guidelines for management conservation of fresh water species.

Piazza del Forno, 1
62039 Visso (MC) - Italy
tel. (+39) 0737 972711 fax. (+39) 0737 972707

Provincia di Fermo

The Province of Fermo, according to the Regional Law n. 11/03, exercises the administrative functions in fishing field.

It is in charge of safeguarde and increase of the fish species in the inner water. It has a rule of control of the fishing and the related activities for guaranteeing a rational exploitation of the fish resources. To exercise these functions, the Province of Fermo makes use of a Provincial Consultative Committee. Among its competences, an important role is the management of administrative inquiries and the issues of fish licenses, issues of authorization for fish competitions, fish lakes with fee, works at river bed.

Viale Trento, 113
63900 Fermo
Tel: (+39) 0734 2321 Fax: (+39) 0734 232239

Università degli Studi di Perugia

The University of Perugia is composed of 11 faculties and 29 departments, including more than 100 degree programs between the first and second level, seven schools with 40 doctoral courses and 18 Masters. Specifically, the project, that is the subject of the co-financing request, will be implemented by the staff pertaining to the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences who gives, with the help of many and diverse disciplines that converge appropriate research, training and programming responses to the complexity of the dynamics that take place in rural territory.

The Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences was founded in 1951 and it represents is the most complex structure within the University of Perugia. Its diversity has led to the creation of a variety of branches each with their own classrooms, equipment and laboratories: among them the Department of Cellular and Environmental Biology’s (DBCA) involved in the present proposal. The professors, researchers and technical staff of the DBCA involved in the project, perform researches in the ecology of freshwaters fish populations and the conservation and management of fish fauna in aquatic environments of the Regions Umbria and Marche.

The Department has involved in monitoring of rivers and in the management of the fish populations of the Umbria and Marche Regions since the year 1990, being engaged in the implementation of the Fishing Map of Umbria Region, Fishing Map of National Park of Sibillini Mounts and Fishing Map of Marche Region. Many of these activities are still ongoing.

The Department staff has also took part in the research aimed to the setting of the model to calculate the minimum vital flow, adopted in the Regional Plan for the Protection of the Waters.

Prof. Massimo Lorenzoni
Dipartimento di chimica,biologia e biotecnologie
Piazza Università, 1
06123 Perugia (Italy)
Tel: (+39) 075-585.1

Università Politecnica delle Marche

As the name itself says, Università Politecnica delle Marche has got the main features of a Polytechnic, being made up of Faculties in the technical-scientific fields. At the same time it is different from a Polytechnic because of its wider dimensions in terms of scientific areas. Besides the technical-scientific Faculties of Engineering, Sciences and Agriculture, UNIVPM also includes the Faculties of Economics and Medicine and Surgery.

Some numbers about people: the staff working at UNIVPM is made up of about 700 lecturers and researchers, 650 administrative and technical employees. There are about 17.000 enrolled students. The University is endowed with the most vanguard scientific and technical laboratories. More in particular, the Faculty of Sciences has got high-qualified laboratories operating in the fields of ecology, marine biology and disaster management.

Prof. Vincenzo Caputo Barucchi, PhD
DiSVA, Università Politecnica delle Marche
via Brecce Bianche
60131 Ancona (Italy)
Tel: +39-071-2204997 FAX: +39-071-2204609

Legambiente onlus

Legambiente is the most widespread environmental association in Italy and is recognised as “association of environmental interest” by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea. It includes more than 1.000 local groups and 20 regional committees, over 115.000 members and supporters, about 30.000 classes involved in environmental education programmes and more than 3.000 youngsters joining our voluntary work camps.

Legambiente carries out awareness and information campaigns such as Goletta Verde, Salvalarte, Treno Verde, Stop the Fever , Puliamo il Mondo, Cento Strade per Giocare, and Spiagge e fondali puliti. Legambiente has been also working against environmental illegalities, promoting solidarity and peace as fundamental values of our society. It is also committed in projects and initiatives to fostering and protecting natural protected areas, safeguarding biodiversity and implementing sustainable territory development. This aims are achieved both directly managing protected areas both organizing nature conservation projects and initiatives. About that must be highlighted the importance of the Natura e Territorio project, through which our association manages about 60 natural protected areas, in collaboration with local authorities and Legambiente local groups. Legambiente also promotes management models, such as APE - Appennino Parco d’Europa, the most important project in Italy for the protection and improvement of the entire Apennine ridge, which led to an Apennines Convention, to a project for the Mediterranean Mountains protection and development, and to activities aimed at implementing the National Ecological Network.

Legambiente is a member of FEDERPARCHI (the Italian Parks and Natural Reserves Federation), IUCN (The International Union for Nature Conservation), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), EEB (European Environmental Bureau), Mountain Partnership and many other national and international environmental coalitions.

Legambiente Marche Onlus
Via IV Novembre 78
60018 Montemarciano (AN) - Italy
Tel (+39) 071 200852
Francesca Pulcini