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The project


The main objective of the Life+ Trout project is the recovery and the conservation of macrostigma trout (Salmo macrostigma) the endemic salmonid of the mediterranean area and the only one who arises in central/southern Italy, protected by the Habitat Directive.

Macrostigma trout is classified as vulnerable species in Europe and critically endangered in Italy due to water abstraction and stocking of non-native trouts (resulting in hybridization and competition).

Main expected results are the following:

  1. establishment of “genetically certified” wild populations with fish produced in one provincial plant specifically adapted to manage wild native broodstock
  2. widening Macrostigma trout habitat availability by removal of nonnative trout in areas to be restocked
  3. restocking of streams selected in previous actions with pure juvenile trout
  4. assessment of the summer river flows in order to increase the chances of survival of Salmo macrostigma populations in compliance with the regulations on minimum flow and water quality
  5. identification of natural populations of Salmo macrostigma present in the area and their protection through specific changes in existing regulation
  6. involvement of local sport fishing community to increase their awareness of the problem and ease their acceptance of more restricting fishery and fish management rules