Main aims of the Life+ Trout project are the recovery and conservation of existing populations of macrostigma trout (Salmo macrostigma) from some important river basins of central Apennine (Metauro, Cesano, Esino, Potenza, Chienti, Tevere e Tenna). Environmental analysis, fish sampling, raising awareness activities, reintroduction and restocking with native trout are just some of the project activities that aim to make last populations of Salmo macrostigma safe, supporting their spread in this area, where Salmo macrostigma has been threatened by stocking of Atlantic trout (Salmo trutta).


18 July 2016

During the first half of 2016 the activities of the Life + TROUT project continued including several different concrete actions, such as obtaining fertilized eggs, and restocking in the targeted sites. Also, the flow of water courses involved in the reintroduction was monitored, thus enabling the development of the first model for the estimation of environmental flow suitable for the survival of macrostigma trout.

The concrete activities of macrostigma trout conservation are still ongoing, thanks to several researches in the field carried out by project partners. In fact, between the first and second project years 486 wild trout were sampled. These were photographed, marked with different colored elastomers (according to the basin of origin) and fitted with a microchip with an individual code.


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